90 min CD-R

Traxdata High Capacity CD-R 40X 800MB 90 MIN - 10 Pack

Traxdata High Capacity CD-R 40X 800MB 90 MIN  - 10 Pack

This CD-R 40x speed 800MB is a recordable disc offering superior quality recording - ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos and music.

Data written can be read in a wide range of drives, demonstrating a high level of compatibility between drives running at a range of speeds. Equipped with a 90-minute recording capacity.

  • 800MB memory capacity
  • Suitable for the fastest recording speed possible
  • 40x writing speed
  • Perfect solution for data, PC Music, photos and games
  • Ideal for backups
  • Ultimate playback for data access on any CD Drive
  • Optimal accessibility for your data